This Time Last Year and Now

Remember when I went on date 57 with the guy dating blogger who also was going on 100 dates? He FINALLY posted about our date on his blog, One Hundred Dates. Check it out for more details. 

Reading the post was like a trip down memory lane because our date was almost a year ago. I thought about what has changed since then. So much and so little. He finished his 100 dates project and I'm three-quarters done.

I've learned a lot from our date and from all my dates since then. I don't have any inspirational wisdom to share. Instead, I want to appreciate the present because I'm happy. And right now it's fall...

Please enjoy some autumn wonderfulness.

Bees and I love homemade jellies and jams. I bought some apple and pumpkin butter. I like anything with the word butter. 

I'm obsessed with farmer's markets this time of year. Gourds galore! Also, for some hilarious gourd humor, please read this.

You'll laugh so hard you'll cry.

Boo! Nothing like a trip to the Halloween store during lunch to brighten up a Tuesday afternoon.

Who would abandon this beautiful giant pumpkin on a rainy day? I wanted to scoop it up and adopt it, but my arm muscles aren't that big. 

A fall festival in Brooklyn Heights with brownstones and balloons made me feel like a kid again.   

I hope you all are enjoying the season.